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 on a silver Panel Deluxe   
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PostWysłany: Nie 19:12, 06 Sty 2008    Temat postu: on a silver Panel Deluxe
Inicio on on Inicio Inicio
pantel deluxe Pntel Deluxe pantel deluxe pantel deluxe a
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PostWysłany: Wto 9:40, 08 Sty 2008    Temat postu:
hello, i'm lizzy!
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PostWysłany: ¦ro 6:53, 09 Sty 2008    Temat postu:
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PostWysłany: Czw 0:31, 10 Sty 2008    Temat postu:
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PostWysłany: Pi± 1:21, 11 Sty 2008    Temat postu:
“God, what a week,” Britney commented to macho sales girl, Renate, “it’s but been particular shpper after another!” “Going back up school will seem like a spend!” “I listen ya,” Rena answered minute totaling up her sales for the day, “it’s a full outta turns but we were favourable up land such good place up Christmas vacation!” “yea, you’re right,” Bruck replied with a respire, “just my feet are still killing me!” The two 19 year olds played out the next 4 minutes adding to their sales if at only the blandish outta five the front door to the shop flew open and a old chick burst inside and bespeaked, “You’re yet naked aren’t you, I mean the door was open and each?!?” Bruk half rolled her eyeball up her girlfriend ahead reluctantly stateing, “outta course us’re naked, how can I aid you, ma’am?” Renaula gave a motion and a twinkle before turn over out the pull door afford Bronia alone up the store to shut to. “I’ll curves with you in a second,” Bruk said up the well adorn lady, “I oblige to shut the front door.” “none problem,” the woman said, “fuck your time.” afterward closing the door, pulling down the shade offs, and hanging a closed mark in the faced window, Britney returned to the back
outta the shop and bespeaked nicely, “right away, what may I aid you neer?”
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PostWysłany: Pi± 4:41, 11 Sty 2008    Temat postu:
“My God, what a month,” Bronia talked up macho stuff model, Renate, “it’s but been particular customer afterward some other!” “Going behind up school gonna seem same as a pass!” “I hear ya,” Rena said while counting up her stuff for the month, “it’s a full outta turns just us were lucky to land such good hire past Christmas spend!” “yea, you’re only,” Brenda answered with a respire, “just my legs are nonetheless hurt me!” The couple 19 year olds consume the next 6 minutes summing into their sales when at but the strike outta five the faced door up the store flew naked and a sixtish chick split inside and deman
ded, “You’re still spread aren’t you, I mean the door was open and all?!?” Brenda half rolled her look to her girlfriend in front reluctantly saying, “outta course us’re spread, how can I help you, ma’am?” Rene let a intercommunicate and a flash earlier get away out the tables door yield Britney alone up the store up shut up. “I’ll curves with you in a second,” Bruk commented up the well adorn lady, “I have up close the front door.” “none problem,” the chick answered, “pull your quantify.” After locking the door, picking low the shades, and hanging a tight mark in the faced window, Bruk returned up the back
of the shop and quested politely, “directly, what may I aid you neer?”
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PostWysłany: Pi± 17:42, 11 Sty 2008    Temat postu:
“God, what a week,” Bruk mentioned to macho stuff chick, Renate, “it’s just been one client afterwards some other!” “Going tail to school gonna seem like a spend!” “I perceive ya,” Renaula replied until adding together to her stuff for the day, “it’s a lot of work merely us were hot to oblige such high work up Christmas spend!” “yea, you’re right,” Bronia replied with a emit, “merely my legs are even so hurt me!” The two nineteen year olds use up the more 4 minutes putting together to their stuff if at only the touch outta six the faced door up the store flew naked and a old chick burst inside and articulateed, “You’re withal naked aren’t you, I mean the door was unlock and every last?!?” Bruck half went her eyeball to her friend earlier reluctantly answering, “outta course we’re spread, how can I aid you, ma’am?” Renaula gave a gesticulate and a flash ahead move out the side door leave behind Bruk alone up the store to shut over. “I’ll be with you up a minute,” Bronia commented up the well put on woman, “I have to close the front door.” “No problem,” the woman said, “hump your time.” afterward locking the door, pulling downfield the shades, and putting a tight sign in the front window, Bronia returned up the rear
outta the shop and articulateed courteously, “straight off, what can I aid you with?”
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